Energy - Economics - Efficiency

Lon L. Peters, Ph.D., has been offering economic consulting services since 1996 in the following areas, mainly for electric utility clients:

Electricity Industry Restructuring and Analysis of RTO Proposals
Market Monitoring
Ligitation Support

Condemnation proceedings
Contract disputes
Damage estimates
Water rights

Antitrust Analysis and Market Power Analysis
Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
Economics of Critical Habitat
Contract Negotiation/Renegotiation
Regulatory Proceedings
Retail Access and Retail Rate Design
Transmission Rates and Open-Access Tariffs
Due Diligence Analysis


Since April 2011, Dr. Peters holds the position of Power Planning Manager for Glendale Water & Power, City of Glendale, California, where he works on the acquisition of long-term power supplies in compliance with the State of California’s renewable portfolio standards and greenhouse gas emissions policies, among other assignments.